How To Tell That You Are A Zombie Translator – 10 Telltale Signs of Zombies Translating Among Us

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They live and translate among us. We pity them, we ridicule them, we fear them. But have you ever considered that you yourself may be one of them, that you too may be slowly becoming a zombie translator? Zombieism is a disease that is taking over body and soul slowly and in stages, and the one thing that all zombies have in common is that they don’t even know that they are zombies. That is why I took upon myself the sad but necessary task of compiling 10 signs of zombieism among translators, namely to help zombie translators in early stages of zombieism to recognize that they may be already afflicted with one or more symptoms of this dreadful plague.

Sign No. 1. If you translate into a language or languages that you don’t really know that well. It is not impossible to translate into your non-native language. But it…

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